Tricia DeYoung

Hometown: West Chester, Pa

Current/Previous Career: Outpatient mental health therapist

Tell us about your Family: My hubby is Bobby. We have two girls- Hailey who will be 3 the day after Christmas and Peyton who is almost 15 months.

What are your current challenges as a mom? Being productive. If I try to clean one room it's at the expense of another. Hurricane Hailey can destroy a room in 20 seconds!

What is your favorite part of motherhood? The smiles, hugs and kisses! They are an instant happiness. Also, seeing the girls learn new things and their personalities developing. I can't pick just one favorite part!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a first time mom? Listen to advice from others but do what works for you! There isn't a cookie cutter mold for parenting so recognizing what works for some may not prove helpful for you!

What do you like about Stroller Strides? Getting out of the house on my days off to be social! Everyone is so nice and friendly; plus it's a great workout and the girls enjoy it.

What is your favorite exercise? Cardio since I'm trying to get back into running shape!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique? I hate chocolate!!!! Unless it's with peanut butter; then I can tolerate it.

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