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Jennifer Cyr


Jennifer Cyr »

Hometown: Dover, DE

Current/Previous Career: Before Riley, I was an Account Executive in Public Relations. I'm now a stay at home mom, and just started a fashion/lifestyle blog, something I've always wanted to do, but never really had the guts. Follow me on Instagram: jennifercyr01 or my website

Tell us about your Family: I am one of three girls and very close with my family, who fortunately live locally. I've been with my husband, Travis, for 7 years, married for 3. He is from Maine and his family still lives there. Riley is the first grandchild on both sides. We have two dogs (cavapoos), Boh and Lucy.

What are your current challenges as a mom? Finding a few seconds to breathe/ "me" time. Being a mom is amazing. It's surreal to think that we actually created another little human being, but I've learned very quickly that I am now on "Riley time"

What is your favorite part of motherhood? Seeing her smile, hearing her laugh and watching her develop everyday....

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